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Collaboration in Wake County is not a new idea. Its history can be traced through over 2,000 service providers that call Wake County home. Each of these organizations has worked tirelessly for decades to find solutions to our communities’ toughest challenges.

In 2009, Crossroads Fellowship Church leaders came together with community leaders from non-profits, public agencies and private businesses, as well as their neighboring faith-based partners. This group began a movement to pair those with resources with those who were in need of resources.

Today, over 300 community leaders and organizations are part of part of a network focused on meeting the needs of neighbors who are struggling with poverty, crisis and trauma.

Throughout much of 2017 and 2018, the steering committee considered different ways to leverage the vital relationships and momentum built during the annual Community Roundtable meetings. The goal was to create an open forum where the private, public, non-profit and faith-based sectors can more effectively work together. This is the Community Partner Network (CPN).

“As Pastor of Mission Partnerships, my joy has been a front row seat to many of these coalition efforts and I delight to give this idea, and its name, to this new and broader collaborative effort.” Doug Gamble, Pastor of Mission Partnerships at Crossroads Fellowship
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Around 2009 Crossroads Fellowship Church was able to form a Community Foundation to invest in initiatives that serve the needy in our city. We invested both finances and volunteers from our fellowship into many agency partners in our city doing ‘their thing well’. In our Foundations second year we began an annual community partners’ Meet and Greet to bring together the leadership of our church and our community partners. Attendance and participation over the years has grown to over 300 vested community leaders including faith-based organizations, government agencies, and other community service providers. In 2014, we realized the obligation to open up our community partners’ network in two ways. We needed to share the wealth of the networking opportunities with other pastors and their leadership and also with area business owners and company managers who desire to join a cross section of community leaders. From that dream came a pilot event in 2017 called Community Round Table. The goal was simple: create a forum for leaders from the faith, business, government and nonprofit communities to gather around a dozen big issues our community faces which no one sector can adequately address alone. From that pilot came a second and improved Community Round Table in 2018. Crossroads Fellowship was glad to sponsor these two efforts, others in our community have done very similar efforts to bring all sectors together. City and County government has made wonderful efforts, our schools, and various coalitions around our county have done equal if not better gathering toward the same goal. Clearly Community Round Table is an idea whose time has come for Wake County. Crossroads is glad to be sharing this small effort with some similar ones founded by other community organizations, e.g. Triangle Area Ministries (TAMM), Care Points, the Transformation Exchange and others. We all see the need and value of merging both our organizational and coalition assets and ambition to build a better community for all our citizens. There is room for everyone and no one need surrender their organizational or coalition identity to share in the dream and networking. Our most vulnerable citizens are a key focus of these efforts. It’s painfully clear they are losing out or falling behind in many areas of healthy living as our city grows. As Pastor of Mission Partnerships my joy has been a front row seat to many of these coalition efforts and I delight to give this idea and its name to this new and broader collaborative effort. We never owned it, we are honored to have given it a birth in our zip code and will continue to nurture it in the zip codes of the city we’ve have assets and influence in. I will continue to offer leadership and support to this emerging county wide coalition to bring Community Round Tables to all areas of our county to make our community the greatest it can be. Respectfully, N. Doug Gamble Pastor of Mission Partnerships Crossroads Fellowship, Raleigh NC
Thank you to steering committees of the Community Roundtable Events and the Triangle Area Mission Ministries (TAMM)  for working together to leverage the vital relationships and momentum built during the annual meetings to create the Community Partner Network (CPN).   It was your vision that bore the fruit of forming a collaborative initiative for both service providers and faith-based organizations to more effectively harvest and distribute resources for those in need!

Although the Community Partner Network began as a Christian movement and will always operate as a reflection of God’s love for His people, the steering committees  recognized the beneficiaries of this network should be inclusive of all our Wake County neighbors. The faith-based collaborative will strive to create unity around mission fields by providing a forum which welcomes diversity and inclusion where leaders in faith can commune, receive support, and connect to non-profits and agency services that can help families within their congregations and surrounding communities.


Doug Gamble – Crossroads Fellowship Church

Rick Fitzgerald – Fitzgerald Consulting

Karen H. Morant – Wake County Human Services

Joseyln Williams – JMG Marketing

Lesa Howard – Jobs for Life

Petra Hager – Wake County Human Services

Frances Bisby – Transformation Exchange, LLC

Boomer Brown – Doing Good at Work

Michael Ballen – Raleigh Police Department

Alice McGee – Church in the Woods

Chuck Thompson – Here 4 U Ministries



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