CPN Roundtables

What is a Roundtable?

For the Community Partner Network (CPN), a Roundtable is a forum where community members from the faith, business, government and nonprofit sectors come together to work on solutions to BIG problems. We will tackle, together, the kinds of problems no one sector can solve on their own. CPN provides the structure for this village.

Roundtables are the foundation to support the village as we:

  1. Advocate on behalf of vulnerable populations to public officials, the private sector and the general public.
  2. Recruit service providers.
  3. Engage community members to help stand in the gap.
  4. Connect community resources to service providers.
  5. Help case managers working with people in crisis to find help quickly.

In all things we do, work to make assistance accessible to all people who need help.



Who has a seat at a table?

Seats at our Roundtables  are available to anyone who wants to roll up their sleeves and help do Good Works in their community. We’re looking for individuals and organizations with passion and ideas. Check out as many Roundtables as you like.



What can I expect if I join a Roundtable?

Being a part of a Roundtable means getting things done. You will be:

  • Part of something bigger than ourselves or our individual organizations
  • Part of a community that takes responsibility for its neighbors and issues surrounding poverty and crisis
  • Make a collaborative impact
  • Bring about change
  • Collaborate at a whole new level
  • Contribute to measurable outcomes

You may receive emails as part of the Roundtable forum where we will:

  • Share information
  • Seek client assistance
  • Publicize events.

You may also receive emails from an individual who values your expertise and is seeking your advice or assistance:

  • Invitations to work on a specific Roundtable project as part of a team effort
  • Invitations to speak on behalf of an initiative, project, or the benefits of the CPN.



What exactly is a Roundtable project?

A Roundtable Project is an initiative sponsored by the Community Partner Network (CPN), an organizational member of the CPN, and/or a collaborative of CPN members. Each Roundtable Project must align with the goals and objectives of the CPN related to:

  • Resource recruitment
  • Engaging community partners
  • Adding capacity to serve people who need help



What does it mean for a Roundtable to be “Under Construction?"

“Under Construction” means that we are in the process of recruiting service providers and activating the Roundtable. Projects are subject to change based upon recommendation of the Roundtable leadership and a democratic process.



How do I join a Roundtable?

When you JOIN THE NETWORK, you can choose which Roundtables suit your interests and expertise. Look for the section called DESIGNING MY PARTICIPATION PLAN.  You are welcome to be a part of more than one Roundtable. However, please consider the time you have for meaningful participation.



Do I have to be a Community Partner Network (CPN) member to work on a Roundtable project?

Membership is NOT required! We are happy to have any community member at the table. However, membership has no related cost and does gain entry into the email distribution lists.  Without registration, it would be difficult to communicate as a group.



the roundtables


GOALS: To build an inventory of partners and programs that will provide scholarship opportunities to students from non-traditional candidate pools.

ACTIVITIES: Collect data about eligibility requirements, contact information and web links about partners and programs.

OPPORTUNITIES:  Data about certifications, internships, apprenticeships and journeymen opportunities as well as curriculums and career paths.

CPN Partners

SARC Center for Health, Equity & Justice

active and ongoingEmployment

GOALS:  To educate employers on how hiring from non-traditional employment pools can be of benefit. Provide forums where employers, service providers and potential employees can collaborate on creative solutions to successful employment.


The Hiring Well, Doing Good Project is a collaborative effort to provide educational events for employers about the how hiring from non-traditional employment pools strengthen the community and is good for the bottom line.  https://hiringwellraleigh.com/

Events: Dec. 6th, Jan. 24th

“When employers Hire Well and are intentional about Doing Good, the community prospers in abundance as individuals earn their personal and financial stability: Outcomes and lives change, families leave behind system dependency, communities increase the local tax base, and hope sparks the freedom to dream the dream for Wake County families!”

CPN Partners

Wake County Public Defender’s Office

Other Supporters

John Locke Foundation

Policy Advisor, Office of NC Governor Roy Cooper

Disability Rights NC

Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

Criminal Law Attorney – Advocates for Justice & Disabilities


Equitable Access

GOALS: To identify, inventory, and engage Wake County organizations that can help connect with hard to reach, underserved, marginalized, and/or isolated populations.

OPPORTUNITIES:  Explore how geography, culture, language or other discriminatory characteristics present barriers for access to local services, and come up with creative ways to break down those barriers.

food security

GOALS: To help families gain affordable access to healthy foods.


  • Identify community “Food Desserts” and connect appropriate resources.
  • Connect community members with service providers who work to end hunger in Wake County.

family services

GOALS: To restore the economic and social well-being of families who are faced with the effects of poverty and the trauma of crisis.

OPPORTUNITIES: As we work with adults seeking assistance, the holistic engagement of the family as a unit (and especially the effects on the children) is often neglected. When one family member is in crisis, the entire family is impacted.

With the proper support and comprehensive address of the issues, the community has the power to change the statistical outcomes for children with adverse childhood experiences, keep the family functioning as a unit, and end the generational cycle of poverty. Community is the key.

CPN service providers need help from the community finding and developing:

  • Sponsored childcare services.
  • Educational opportunities for parenting skills and financial planning.
  • Faith-based organizations and mental health providers to offer family re-unification programming.
  • Faith-based organizations to open parent. support groups within close proximity to the need.

    health Services

    GOALS: To educate the community about trending healthcare risks and come up with creative solutions to getting affordable healthcare to those most in need.

    OPPORTUNITIES: Finding affordable healthcare (physical, mental and substance abuse services) for vulnerable populations is a priority for agencies and non-profit service providers. If someone has a health issue, it impacts all other aspects of their life.

    To help fill the significant gaps in this area, CPN can:

        • Recruit volunteers, especially multi-lingual, to take healthcare messages into faith organizations and schools.
        • Recruit and connect volunteer healthcare professionals willing to provide services pro-bono or at a sliding scale to clients that cannot afford the high cost of uninsured healthcare. We can connect professionals with service providers who can make this a fulfilling experience.
        • Collect and package healthcare supplies and necessities for homeless, shelters, and emergency care providers.

    CPN Partners


    GOALS: To advocate for affordable housing in the community and educate and encourage individual landlords to offer low-cost housing options.

    OPPORTUNITIES: Affordable housing stock in Wake County is scarce to non-existent and the problem is growing at an exponential rate. Some things this CPN Roundtable could do:

    • Identify, inventory, and engage landlords and organizations in supporting affordable housing.
    • Develop a process by which providing affordable housing to people considered “At Risk” is feasible.
    • Support service providers willing to support housing initiatives through programs that reduce risk and defray the expense of landlords.
    • Develop alternative funding resources, perhaps subsidies generated from non-profits, donations from local churches and congregations, and/or agency programs.
    • Advocate for action to incentivize private sector support in building affordable housing stock.

      CPN Partners

      Church in the Woods

      human trafficking and abuse

      GOALS: Educate the public about the human trafficking that is happening in Wake County right under our noses, and develop strategies for preventing victimization.

      OPPORTUNITIES: Some ideas for this roundtable include:

      • Create public awareness presentations about sexploitation, labor trafficking, and abuse. The presentations can help educate Wake County residents on what we should be most concerned about, the signs of exploitation, and how  each of us can get involved. They will also increase community awareness about Human Trafficking, including local trends, danger zones, personal defense, and where to get help.
      • Establish a team of community members that can take these presentation into the community.
      • Develop anti-trafficking strategies, policies, and programs in local schools and organizations to prevent victimization.


      CPN Partners


      GOALS: To open access to services for immigrants and refugees experiencing barriers due to culture, language, and/or citizenship.

      Efforts may be most effective working in collaboration with the Equitable Access Roundtable as many of these tasks align.


      • Identify and recruit service providers specific to immigrant and refugee challenges.
      • Raise public awareness about the needs of immigrants and refugees in Wake County (congregations, civic, and professional associations).  
      • Recruit multi-lingual volunteers for community outreach.

      Tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:


        • Helping families connect with resources
        • Partnering with congregations to help open opportunities for accessing ESL services (work and family conflicts)
        • Tutoring and advocating, alongside parents, for children not meeting grade performance expectations in school
        • Developing language specific presentations about work and housing related rights (safety, discrimination).

      CPN Partners

      Council on Immigrant Relations

      active and ongoingREENTRY AND DIVERSION

      GOALS: To develop a seamless process that helps people coming home from prison reenter communities successfully: Pre-releaseStabilization, and Re-Launch.

      OPPORTUNITIES: This process should examine the unique challenges faced by each participant, facilitate reentry plan development and provide mentor support from behind the gates of prison all the way through the gateways of our communities.

      It should also provide a full assessment of health and well-being and work to mitigate findings through referrals to community partners that can help the returning citizen restore a sustainable quality of life.

      CPN Partners

      Bridges Puentes

      SARC Center for Health, Equity and Justice

      supportive services

      GOALS: To engage faith-based and agency organizations that provide general supportive services that may not fit well under other Roundtables, but are necessary pieces of the puzzle as we establish holistic support systems. Examples include food pantries, clothing closets, mentorship programs and spiritual support, as well as professional services like personal finance education and income tax preparation.  The specifics will be fleshed out as the table comes together.


      • Develop a mentoring models that teach organizations and volunteers how to help people recovering from crisis.
      • Train mentors on techniques and strategies for implementing healthy boundaries, resource navigation in Wake County, racial sensitivity training, and how to walk with the people in your care.

      CPN Partners

      Macedonia New Life Church

      active and ongoingtechnical services

      GOALS: Help community organizations of all shapes and sizes improve their organization by offering technical services such as program development, training, graphic design, videography, web sites, and insurance.

      OPPORTUNITIES: We’ve talked to and worked with the organizations we recommend. They share your passion for Doing Good, and can offer various levels of support – sometimes at a reduced rate.

      Contact us, and we’ll introduce you!

      The Service Pool

      Consulting, Public Involvement Plans, Program Development

      Web Development and Consulting

      Employment Compliance Training


      Graphic Design

      Social Media Panning and Implementation

      Corporate Development

      Personal and Business Insurance 


      GOALS: To develop a volunteer transit service to support transportation deficient households get to work and public assistance services. 


      • Establish a fixed route: Metropolitan Core
        • Origin: A central hub where human services and assistance are received.
        • Destination: To specified resources in the community.
        • Example destinations: NC Food Bank, Clothing Closet or Thrift Store, Employment Fair, Soft Skills Class at a Non-Profit.

        Satellite Commute: Establish routes to and from geographically isolated communities that need resources not available within the immediate locality.

        Express Route: Set up service from Regional Centers or Human Services Offices to Raleigh Bus Station. One run and One return each day. Time of Day to be Determined. Suggested: 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.


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